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« on: December 13, 2008, 11:28:59 AM »
Chip Hammonds and Chris Gohlke have joined forces to bring together the best strength and conditioning program in the area.  We offer programs that will benefit every athlete from the beginner to professional athletes.  We are currently building a program for the beginner that will build strength, power, agility and speed.  This program will offer form running, which is very important at this level before bad habits are imbedded, and drills that will develop muscle memory.  Muscle memory will have the athlete reacting physically much faster to game-like situations in every sport. 

We really like the opportunity to work with the middle school athletes who are entering the weight room for the first time, which can be very intimidating.  These athletes are training in large groups of 30-40 at a time, which makes for a very tough learning process.  Coaches do a great job, however, the learning curve with this many athletes is much slower than training sessions with 4-5 athletes where much attention to detail will be taken allowing the athlete to build strength at a much faster rate the proper way.  Strength is emphasized in a real big way at this level.  Gaining strength through resistance type training will build power, which is the mainstay for speed.